Yoncé’ on Her Knees

by dream hampton

The politics of pleasure as a public performance, delivered in the middle of the night, by a complete boss. Beyoncé’s presentation of the erotic is evidence of her lived experience of a sexual trust and intimate safety that is the true…

I was ambivalent to Beyonce in the earlier years now I really respect and admire her. Dreamhampton’s short write up sums why she has grown on me perfectly.

Things to be grateful for

I feel at a loss for words. My experiences in the last five days have shaken me.

I feel as though my feet have begun to grow roots and I am tapped into the ground. I feel the tremors from the earth’s heart beat. I feel the seasons shift. I feel the winds blow and the sand move. I feel the seeds spread wide. There is growth in the air. Profound hard growth. And it is to this that I am humbled and grateful.

I fall on my knees. Thank you.